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Beyond The Hustle

Nov 14, 2020

"I believe that failure isn´t failure until you really give up. Sometimes we need to give up on a specific idea, no matter how many times you try, its never gonna work. It doesn´t mean that you give up completely. You just find a different approach to get to the same goal."

In this solo episode, I'm going to share...

Nov 12, 2020

"Magic of compounding: You need time to make it work. It´s magical, but if you miss another 5 years, you have to put in a lot more money to make up the time. That´s why I want people, regardless how much money they have, start now. Wealth Management can be complicated but it doesn´t have to be"
Echo Huang helps the...

Nov 5, 2020

"The easiest part about writing is writing. The hardest part about writing is everything else. Most people get lazy on research. 80% of writing is research. Also, it´s about testing. I would rather write 10 bad sales letters, so that 9 of them bombed and 1 of them succeeded."

Nido Abdo has helped entrepreneurs from all...