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Beyond The Hustle

Dec 24, 2018

2018 is coming to an end and it's time to reflect on what went well and on what can be improved in 2019! So, in today's episode I share with you 10 gifts and actions you can take in 2019 to make it your most amazing year as Entrepreneur and human being :)

– Take More (imperfect) Action. Promise yourself that, in 2019, you're going to take action. That you will not stop until you get what you want. Too many of you are delaying action because you're trying to get it all perfect. That's not going to happen. Remember that perfection is the lowest standard. It's so much better to get a few things right and a few things wrong and then learn the lesson, than to get nothing done at all.

– Pay Attention. Everybody wants attention for themselves, but very few think about how powerful it is to give it back. The greatest gift you can give to others is your attention. Be present. Be there for the people you love and the people you serve. Leave differences aside and embrace similarities.

– Add More Value. Ask yourself, daily “how can I add more value to my audience/clients?” it doesn't always have to cost you money to add more value, figure out how you can train and invest in yourself to make yourself more valuable to others! Remember, the best way to get what you want in life is by helping enough people get what they want.

– Train your idea muscle. My favorite teaching from James Altucher is this one. Write down 10 ideas everyday. For your business, for your health, for your well being, and even ideas that could help other people. If you follow this practice every day, you'll find several good ideas that you never knew you had.

– Take care of your body. Work out, do yoga, watch your diet. Eat more greens, drink more water, eat less chocolate (I eat a lot of chocolate, I'm guilty!). Don't deprive yourself, find ways to reward yourself with the food you like, but watch what your body tells you.

– Be Authentic!! Promise yourself that in 2019 you will only engage in activities and behaviors that are aligned with your true and higher self! The moment we give up our identity to fit in, we lose ourselves. Define your idea of success and let it lead the way. Be you in every situation, so that when people encounter you in real life, they can't tell the difference between what you communicate through your marketing and the real you, because there isn't!

– Stop comparing yourself to others. One of the greatest diseases we all suffer at one point or another is comparisonitis. You don't know what other people have gone through to get to where they are. Be aware of where you're starting and take it from there. Turn to others for inspiration, but don't let it bring you down if you're not yet where they are. Listen to your heart, and follow your own journey.

– Stop complaining and be grateful instead. Whenever you find yourself going down the complainer's rabbit hole, stop for a moment and find three things you can be grateful for in your life. Shift your attention towards what you have instead of what you lack, and your life will change.

– Feed your mind. Read more books, listen to more podcasts, hire a mentor. Carve out the time for the things that matter. Investing in yourself is proven to yield the highest returns!

– Allocate more “me” time. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs we get so caught up with our work, our mission and serving others, that we leave ourselves and our own needs behind. Just as you schedule meetings with people, phone calls and blocks of time to get work done, schedule your “me” time.
It's ok to watch a movie, it's ok to read a novel, it's ok to dedicate time to your hobbies. Be so productive the rest of the time, that you feel no guilt whatsoever for having some time that is only for you, whether it is to meditate, go to the gym, or watch your favorite show. Enjoy it guilt-free.

Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays!! Here are some of my Entrepreneur gifts to you!

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