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Beyond The Hustle

Dec 7, 2019

"There are three types of people. Blamers, who blame everyone around them for their lack of success; the Dreamers, who got great goals but never take action; the Game Changers, those are the people that figure things out, they make it happen, they take action."

Brad Blazar went from junior broker to millionaire founder of an oil company at the young age of 23.  He then lost it all and went broke. 

After discovering some major mindset shifts, he was able to reinvent himself and raised over $2 Billion dollars for other companies. Additionally, he has set records for multiple companies closing the largest transactions in their history - including one that was worth $11 Million dollars. 

Today he's the founder of 'The Art of Beliefology'  a concept and program that helps individuals overcome limiting beliefs that are holding them back from  greater success in life.  
Some highlights of the Episode:
- The most common limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.
- How to raise capital for your business
- What the Play Drive is and how to leverage it
- How to set goals and achieve them
- 5 things every goal needs to have
- The Build a Beast method
- ...and a lot more!! 
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