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Beyond The Hustle

Jun 9, 2020

"Linkedin is called a professional network for a reason, go out there and network! Engage and network. So often I see people too afraid to do that, and they get so focused on "I need more clients," "I need more leads," "I need sales," that they forget about what actually makes the sales: the power hour."

Matt Clark, CEO of The Virtual Edge, has helped over 1000 businesses in 17 countries to grow exponentially using their Rainmaker System. The Rainmaker System is an online marketing system that helps coaches, advisers, and consultants to get 2-5 high-value leads per day from Linkedin without paying for ads.

In this episode, you'll discover...

  • The best way to start generating high-value leads on Linkedin even if you don't have an offer yet
  • What elements you should include on your Linkedin profile to attract the people that you want
  • What type of content works better in terms of format for Linkedin
  • How to manage your time efficiently to make the impact you want to make
  • And so much more

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