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Beyond The Hustle

Feb 15, 2023

"The only belief that matters is if you put your time and energy into getting better at something, you actually will get better. The reason, is that when people feel lost, stuck and hopeless, is because they think that where they're at is a permanent state. But it's not, if you realize that where you're at is a reflection of the choices that you have made thus far and your current skillset. However, you can make different choices and get a different skillset. That just completely changed my life."

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Personally driven to expand people’s vision of wellness to a 360-degree view that encompasses body and mind, Tom created Impact Theory to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world. In 2021, he founded a web3 media studio (Founders Keys, Project Kyzen, Merry Modz, are just a some of the projects being developed) with the mission of introducing the world to empowering ideas at scale through story.

Through his content and public speaking, he inspires people around the world to unlock their potential and pursue greatness. Tom was named one of Success Magazine’s Top 25 Influential People in 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage in 2016.

In today's episode, we covered:

  • The importance of defining why you want to be successful
  • The key lessons Tom learned early on in his carreer
  • What's next for Project Kyzen, Impact Theory and more on NFTs
  • The reasons why he and Lisa decided not to have children
  • What every Entrepreneur needs to understand to be successful
  • And so much more! 

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