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Beyond The Hustle

Jul 16, 2020

“Don't give up! so many people give up on the early stages, there is nothing worse than stopping when there’s something on your mind. You should always give it a shot. And remember, finding someone that is your complement, will make your path so much easier.”

In this episode, I interviewed Ross Andrew, Chairman, and CEO of Maropost. You will learn from an expert in digital marking a variety of ninja tips that will help you grow your online business, from understanding the importance of the customer experience to discovering how marketing automatization can save you hours of work and make your selling process much easier.

  • How to see opportunities to grow your business during this pandemic situation
  • Why it's so essential prioritize the customer service experience when acquiring new customers
  • What is marketing automatization and how to take advantage of it to grow your business
  • How to manage the human resources of your business effectively and efficiently
  • And more

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