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Beyond The Hustle

Oct 7, 2022

"Stupid is the new smart. We get these great ideas but we tell ourselves it's stupid. Not that it's necessarily a bad idea, but we feel like we can't do it, because we need more money, more time, more education, more experience, someone else could do it. But the idea is still pushing on your brain, so maybe I should do something about it.

I learned that if you wait to do something for 40 years, you're gonna mess over 3 generations: now, kids and grandkids! 3 generations miss out on being impacted by the things you could've done. When you work beyond the hustle, beyond goals, beyond habits, it changes the entire decision tree. So now you go "I want this thing!""

Richie Norton is an award-winning, bestselling author and entrepreneur. His books include Anti-Time Management, The Power of Starting Something Stupid and Résumés Are Dead & What to Do About It. Richie was named one of the world’s top 100 business coaches and leading thinkers by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He is an international speaker (including TEDx and Google Startup Grind).

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