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Beyond The Hustle

Aug 11, 2019

Everybody wants to make more money. You can ask this question in a room full of people, and most of them are going to raise their hands. The reality is, only a small percentage of them will ever achieve their financial goals. And it boils down to one simple detail: being specific. 

Most people are really vague when it comes to their goals, and they never really commit to them. What's worse, they want the riches without putting any effort or any value in return.

The 6 steps to Riches detailed in today's episode are all about specificity, and also, about being clear about what you want, and what you'll give in return to achieve it.

Napoleon Hill studied thousands of business owners and successful people for several years before he wrote Think And Grow Rich. The book is a must read for anyone looking to attract more riches and wealth into their lives. He summed it all up in this amazing book.

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