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Beyond The Hustle

Sep 20, 2019

"When you're building a personal brand strictly on social media, you're building on rented land. If you want to build an asset that belongs to you, you must build an e-mail list. And you must build a relationship with that list."

In today's Thoughtful Friday's episode, I walk you through a step by step strategy to start building an info-business around your Personal Brand! Creating a lead magnet, creating an offer and how to be strategic about scaling your info-business! 

Resources you'll need:

LeadFunnels Swipe File:

To schedule appointments: 

FREE trial of Clickfunnels: 

To hire freelancers: 

Email Marketing Platform: 

My FREE Branding report: 

If you need any further help, go to to apply for my 1 on 1 Mentoring program and I'll help you implement all of this! 

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