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Beyond The Hustle

Dec 31, 2020

One of the most hated years by the World collectively is coming to an end... I've had a few bad years in my time on this planet, where the last day of the year comes and I think "glad this crappy year is over". And even though I should feel the same way about 2020... I just... don't. Perhaps because I've just come out of a string of two bad years in a row, for multiple reasons that I didn't even get to share on this episode. I feel so much gratitude and I hope I can inspire you a little bit today.

And so, in this episode I wanted to share with you

  • A reflection on why 2020 was a good year for me
  • How to find something to be grateful for
  • Why this was my best year since 2017
  • Why you must focus on what you can control, not only when it comes to your emotions but also in business.
  • Some of the lessons I learned the past few months.
  • And more!

It almost feels selfish of me to tell you it was my best year since 2017... then again, sometimes it's all about perspective and what we focus our attention on. 

I hope that, no matter how this year was for you, that there's at least one positive thing you can look back on. I hope you can find something to feel grateful for .

Be sure to go back and listen to episode 139 if you haven't! It's going to help you end this year strong as well! 

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